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Cosmic isotropy duality

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    The Booda cosmic isotropy duality hypothesis states:

    1. Construct a spherical shell in spacetime. Mass-energy without and mass-energy within move overall to preserve their dual isotropic projection upon the shell, including position and apparent spin.

    2. This hypothesis involves all entities in spacetime from vacuum quanta to the background radiation.

    3. The shell may be representative to that of an observer or object, and eventually generalized to any 2-D manifold.

    Is the hypothesis provable?
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    Problem with first assumption. Explain mass-energy without and mass-energy within..
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    Mass-energy without, e. g., microwave anisotropy, large-scale structure, galaxies, etc. images project inward onto an arbitrary surface of smaller relative scale, and mass-energy within, e. g., superstrings, subatomic, atomic, molecular, etc. images project outward onto the same arbitrary surface of larger relative scale. The overall image projected upon the surface tends to conserve isotropy through the dynamics of mass(-energy) outside and mass(-energy) inside.
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