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Cosmological Constant Value

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    Could anyone please recommend a paper that accurately gives the value of the cosmological constant? Or else may you reply with values of the cosmological constant that you would you use in your research? Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    The most common value given is the density parameter ([itex]\Omega_\Lambda[/itex]) equivalent of the cosmological constant, with a latest value (Planck 2015) of about 0.69. This is related to the value of the cosmological constant by
    $$\Lambda = \frac{3H_0^2}{c^2} \Omega_\Lambda$$
    In this equation you have to convert H0 to per second (s-1), if you want to use SI units for c.
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    The Planck 2015 publications mentioned by Jorrie can be found here:
    You'll find values for ##\Omega_{\Lambda}## and ##H_0## in paper XIII: Cosmological Parameters, table four.
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    The predicted value of the density of the cosmological constant in Planck units is = 1.388 × 10−123
    the measured value quoted in the reference below is (1.48 ± 0.16) × 10−123 .
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