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Could a magnetic charge make free energy?

  1. Apr 14, 2013 #1
    If or when magnetic charges (magnetic monopoles) are found, would a magnetic current create an electric field? If so, would you be able to generate an electric current with an applied field?
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    I would assume that was supposed to be
    would a magnetic field create an electric current?

    not sure where you are going with the magnetic monopoles

    Other than that, the answer is yes... thats what happens in every generator that uses electromagnetism

    But dont be fooled.... as your title suggests .... there is NO SUCH THING as FREE ENERGY

    you generate a current by moving a magnetic field around a stationary wire or visa versa
    You MUST put energy into the system to make that movement of one or the other
    and the amount of energy you create will ALWAYS be less than the energy applied

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    If you have a magnetic charge, would it be in reverse. Just like how a magnetic field would be created through an electric current, would an electric field be created through a magnet current (assuming there is magnetic monopoles to make a magnetic charge).
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    If you had magnetic monopoles then you could use Biot-Savart to calculate the electric field generated by a flow of magnetic monopoles.

    Biot-Savart does not result in free energy for electric monopoles, so I don't know why you would think that it might for magnetic monopoles. In any case PMMs are a forbidden topic here.
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