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Coulomb's Law dealing with electrons & protons?

  1. Apr 22, 2008 #1
    Styrofoam is a polymer containing carbon and hydrogen. Assume the formula is C8H8. How many molecules are in a 0.2 g styrofoam peanut? How many protons and electrons are in this peanut if it carries no excess charges? How many coulombs of positive and negative charge does this represent? If the peanut has an excess charge of 0.03C, how many of its electrons has it gained or lost?
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    what have you tried to solve this problem ?
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    Well, have you encountered problems like this before, or have you seen any examples like this? What concepts do you need to know on attacking this problem?

    Note that you must show your work before we can help you-- it's the forum rules for homework problems. Oh, and I hope you're looking forward to annihilating barca tomorrow night :wink:
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