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Created 2nd big bang?

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    is this arthicle true? or is it just mostly hype?
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    Hard to say. The headlines are but a twist of words, common to attract attention. The article itself concerns an issue long in history. Did they create another universe, another big bang as ours??? I would think not. We have been dissasembling matter a long time now. They have dissasembled a bunch all at once and done it very well... better than they expected they think.
    None claim to have created another universe. None claim to have created another big bang. They claim only to have created an energy soup similar to the energy densities found in our universe soon after our big bang occured.
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    They are not trying to (or claiming to) create a new Big Bang/new universe. They are trying to recreate the conditions of the early universe (right after the Big Bang)...in other words...trying to confirm/study a quark-gluon plasma. This information will help further refine Big Bang Theory.
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