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Creating a Equation to Destroy the Sun

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    Alright, Not the best at math and need help with find a equation for the amount of energy needed for destroying the sun. This isn't based on real life, based on a TV series and I'm nerdy enough to want to know how much energy it would take lol. I have a number for how much energy it would take to destroy the earth, so I'm hoping it would be easy enough to convert. Not sure what numbers you'll need, so I'm going to probably going to pot a few extra.

    Energy needed to destroy earth = x

    Mass of earth = 6 x 10²⁴ kg
    Gravity of earth = 1
    Diameter of earth = 12,756 km
    Circumference of Earth = 40,000 km

    Mass of sun = 330,000 kg times earths mass or (2×10^30 kg)
    Gravity of sun = 28 times earth's gravity
    Diameter of Sun = 1.4×10^6 km
    Circumference of the sun = 4,300,000 km

    Energy needed to destroy sun = y

    Again not trying to solve for "x", trying to solve for y.

    So I'm assuming that since we have "x" the amount of energy needed to destroy earth, we can use that number along with the size of the earth, to determine the amount needed to kill something as big as the sun.
    The reason I posted Circumference and Gravity is because there are 330,000 times as much mass on the sun then there is on eath, you have to push each of them 28 times as hard, and you have to spread your energy over a larger area, because not only is the sun more massive (mass) than the earth, but it is also much bigger(area) than the earth. plus, if you don't move the particles far enough, fast enough, it all just comes crashing back together, and you haven't accomplished your goal. It's highly possible that my logic is incorrect or I'm missing things, if so please let me know.

    So I'm hoping I explained this good enough and it's really simple. If you need more numbers let me know, I'm willing to go find them. Just give some feed back if this time of equation is even possible, and I appreciate the time anyone takes to even read this let alone try to solve it.
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    You might be interested in an approximation and the theory ;).
    It would be tricky to disassemble the sun, however, even if the required energy is not an issue.
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    Simon Bridge

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    I was thinking in terms of gravitational binding energy too ... though the terms "kill" and "destroy" need more careful definition to be sure. How damaged is "destroyed"? Could you just wait? (The Sun is due to destroy itself in a bit... OK, a bit longer...)
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    Thank you that equation actually was exactly what I was looking for. Can't believe you were able to decphyer my horrible explanation. Thanks so much!
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    Vanadium 50

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    Note that it will take a couple million years of the sun's output to produce enough energy to take it apart.
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    Maybe you should start small first. There is a semi-related web page dedicated to destroying Earth.
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