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Creationists launch their own peer reviewed 'science' journal

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    I suppose this is to answer the criticism that they don't have any peer reviewed works. The problem is that all their reviewers are said to be sympathetic to the cause, in which case what is the point other than trying to pull the wool over the gullible publics eyes.
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    Wow, this is disturbing. It is scary to think how many lawmakers could be fooled by one of these "peer-reviewed" articles.
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    The only problem I have with it is that they call it "science". Other than that, more power to them.
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    Finally, Darwinists will no longer stand in the way of epic strides in the field of Creationism.

    Err... wait, what is there to discover again? I thought they did all of their research by reading an old book...
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    That's one problem that I've always had with the term 'peers'. You're acquitted/convicted by a jury of your 'peers'. 'Peer' simply means one in a similar situation, an equal in society. I could have thousands of 'peer reviewed' papers if any of my peers could remain sober long enough to read one. :rolleyes:
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    How can you say you have a problem with them calling it "science" and "more power to them" in the same breath?

    No. No power to them.
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    It's a wonderful irony that it really is peer reviewed.
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    Hey, if they want make a museum for The Flintstones, more power to them. Just don't call it science.
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    Again, no power to them.
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    C'mon! A museum for The Flintstones???
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    I dont want a damn thing paid for by creationists in my country. Period. Not even if it feeds starving orphans, because they will point and say: "look, we feed starving orphans were not that bad".
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    I agree. The problem is, it doesn't stop at the creationist museum. There's a teacher at my daughter's school who always refers to evolution as "just a theory," whenever the subject comes up. Since she teaches Biology I imagine it would come up rather frequently.

    As you might guess, the teacher is VERY religious.
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    While that it is true, let's be clear here--most xtians don't believe in fundamentalism. There are over 1.1 billion Catholics on the Earth. I went to Catholic school for 17 years and was always taught evolution, and never 1 shred of creationism. Creationists are simply insane, they are the minority when compared to other xtians.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Just a theory - there are words in Science that do not mean the same thing in comm parlance. Theory is one of them.

    (thanks again to Zz for this link...)
    http://ptonline.aip.org/journals/doc/PHTOAD-ft/vol_60/iss_1/8_1.shtml [Broken]
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    Launching a peer reviewed journal is a good tactical move for the creationists. Articles will likely be screened to include those that support the pre-established conclusion, of course. If the editors allow a debunking article, it will likely be one that can be interpreted and mitigated. This will allow them to show that not all authors agree on everything, therefore creationism must be real science. What is troubling is that for some lawmakers, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
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    Making a creationist museum is like making a museum that supports Holocaust denial. It just should not happen.
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    D H

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    The First Amendment certainly gives them the right to publish this garbage and the right to call it "peer-reviewed". Freedom of speech means acknowledging that everybody has the right to have their say, especially those who hold views exactly counter to your own views. So, more power to them.

    Freedom of speech also means have the right to educate the scientifically-illiterate decision makers that this is anything but science and anything but true.
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    The problem is, im not holding a 'view'. Its a fact. What they are doing is disingenuous.
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