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Criteria for following

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    How you mentors ,science advisors and admin decide who is capable of being followed by you.Because I have seen many mentors and science advisors following newcomers .I was just viewing D H profile than saw he was following BOB ENYART who has only sent 8 messages and with no likes (even D H )has not liked him but follows him.And I was also surprised to see admin following some very inconsistent members(Although he is not following anyone currently ).And there are many more examples.So,basically I wanted to know what are your criteria for following someone.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Why does it matter? More generally, if A chooses to follow B, what difference does that make to C?
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    When you follow a member their posts are in your news feed and are highlighted in the online list. There can be infinite reasons. In the case of Bob Enyart, he is a fairly known science skeptic with a radio show.
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    That's quite obvious - we have to keep track of those we see as potential troublemakers.
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    Sometimes we just like the guy. I your case, i.e. knowing for "how many years?", likes don't need to be high priority. It wasn't too long I wonder if you were in my list and your weren't, but now are. I'm having a hard time understand what I wrote; hope can get meaning.
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    That's what Facebook does to a person.
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