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Aerospace Current issues faced by the aerospace industry

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    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to learn about the issues that the aerospace industry is currently facing. Could anyone please help me in this regard. I searched on the internet but could not find a proper web site that explained this. So I thought this forum was the right place to ask about this. Thanks in advance.
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    That's a lot of territory to cover. It would help some if you could narrow the list of "issues" in which you are interested.

    For example: airplanes or spacecraft; military or commercial aviation; manned aircraft, satellites, unmanned aircraft/drones; design, production, employment opportunities; passenger aircraft or cargo aircraft; propulsion, structures, etc.

    There are myriad issues facing any complex, technical industry. Staying focused in your search will help you uncover relevant information.
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    I was mainly looking for issues being faced by the commercial aviation and the spacecraft industry.
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    Hate to break your bubble, most of the issues are in hardware for now. The area that is blooming though is hypersonics and combustion.
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    sorry to interrupt...could anyone help me about the issues concerned with manned aircraft??
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    I have a doubt regarding the space debris problem, since we know that artificial satellites deorbit and fall down over time if allowed to , space debris are also essentially "artificial satellites " right ? Why don't they just fall down after some time ?why do we talk about the space debris problem ?
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