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Programs Curriculum and book thoughts -- Lawyer looking to go back to school for a degree in Physics

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Hello there!

As the title of this thread suggests, I am looking for recommendations in terms of identifying the areas and skills that I should be working on and the materials that I would need to do so.

But first, please allow me to give you a little bit of context to work with. Both my undergraduate and graduate studies are in Law. I have a master's degree in Business Law and I am currently working as a legal counsel/lawyer. However, I have come to realize that a career in Law will most likely not turn out to be fulfilling for me.
I have therefore decided to go back to university and major this time in something that actually interests me.

I must admit however that my level in mathematics and physics has taken a serious dive over the years since I have not had any serious contact with these two fields for more than six years (I was able to relearn some basic mathematics while preparing for the GRE general test, but that’s about it).

And this is where I would like to receive some guidance from you guys. What should I be focusing on to reach a level that would be deemed acceptable to pursue an undergrad degree in physics? And what learning materials would you recommend I use to achieve such level?

From what I have seen by doing some research on the admission requirements of certain universities, quite a few of them require or at the very least accepts as proof of your level, the SAT subject tests in math level 2, physics & chemistry. I would assume that preparing for these exams could prove to be enough. If such is the case, what books would you say are best to prepare for them given my situation.

To give you an idea about how much time I will have to prepare myself, I would say anywhere from 8 to 12 months although I am not sure yet.

Thanks to anyone who would take the time to read this rather lenghty post and even more so to those who will be providing some insight.

PS: I apologize if this turns out to be not the right place to post this kind of queries. If that’s the case, please point me towards the right section of this forums and I will make sure to delete this thread and start a new one where it is more appropriate. Thanks!
What country are you in?

What is the highest level of math you've completed (even in high school)?
What country are you in?

What is the highest level of math you've completed (even in high school)?
I am from Morocco.

The last time I studied anything science-related was indeed in high school.

During high school, I was in a scientific branch so the math was a little bit advanced. I can't remember everything that we studied but here is a short list of the things that we had to work on during my last year of high school:
- Limits and continuity
- Derivatives and Integrals
- Exponential and logarithmic functions
- Numerical sequences
- Calculus
- Probability
- Vectors
- Complex numbers, etc.

It is fair to say however that I remember almost nothing of all these subjects. After all, it has been six years since I have graduated from high school.

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