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Cutting enclosures

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    I have this box and I need to cut a rectangular opening to expose my led display. My question is there a tool to make a clean cut of the rectangular shape opening? I tried using a rotary but it is not a very smooth cut. Is there a way to do it using everyday tools?
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    I am not sure what a rotary is??? I will assume it is an metal box.

    You give no idea of the size of the hole, that can make a lot of difference. I have used nibblers to do this sort of job. IF the hole is large they can be pretty tedious. Also it requires a lot of file work to smooth it out.

    A thin cutting disk on a dremal like tool (is this your rotary?) can do a very nice job if you have patience.

    For larger holes, dill a start hole then use a fine toothed blade in a jig saw.
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