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Dad sells daughter's friendship on ebay.

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    Chi Meson

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    Are souls still for sale? I put a bid on one once (to use as a spare, if I needed to do something devious). I was outbid by an Irish guy named Angel O'Darkness.
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    I heard that got taken down shortly after it was posted. The feds are also looking into things. Not good.
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    That the add was up for a month before it got pulled, and that people actually bid on it rather than contacting Ebay is distressing.
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    I hate how the "doctor" makes it a fact that the seller is a "sociopath".

    He doesn't even know anything about it, and he's already stating facts... not claims, but facts.

    I don't think that looks good on his part.
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    At this point I don't think they even know it was really a father, it could be someone stupid playing a practical joke.
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    The story seems to be gone.

    Edit: I found it.

    Apparently all that was being sold was a "cyber" friendship at "myspace". This could be either a joke or the "daughter" might be a fake/fantasy character. If this is really a father pressuring his daughter into this it would be quite bad.
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    Pimping a cyber-relationship. My, how times have changed!
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    "Friendship" on MySpace is a matter of social rank. I imagine having attractive people as a friend makes it even moreso. No, this ad is only objectionable to me in that it supports social rank through number of practically anonymous cyber "friends".
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    I saw an ebay bid where a guy renounced his loyalty to the Detroit Lions (which he'd been a fan for like 30 years) and offered to instead cheer for whichever team the highest bidder chose - it included wearing jerseys on game days, watching all the games, etc. When I saw it, the bidding was actually at a hundred bucks or so - and it still had a lot of tiime left. The negotiating about what would be bought with the purchase did take up a lot of space - several folks wanted him to cheer against a certain team - which I'm not sure was part of the original terms of use.
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    But by far the best internet nothing-for-something deal is the One Red Paperclip guy - who is in the process of trading up from one red paperclip to ultimately a house. He's now gone from originally having one red paperclip to now having a recording contract - but he will only stop once he has a house. It's awesome!

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