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Dalamber equation

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    [tex]\Delta\psi(\vec{r},t)-\frac{1}{\upsilon^2}\frac{\partial^2\psi(\vec{r},t)}{\partial t^2}=-g(\vec{r},t)[/tex]

    How to get solution


    where [tex]F_1[/tex] is any function of argument [tex]t-\frac{r}{\upsilon}[/tex].
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    Write the laplacian in spherical coordinates, and use separation of variables.
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    Your [tex]\psi[/tex] can not be a solution for a nontrivial [tex]g(r,t)[/tex] on the rhs.
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    Well, not for a general g(r,t) but there are solutions for some specific, non-trivial functions.
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    For instance for g(r,t)=0. Where did you get the idea that your formula is a solution for a non-zero g?
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