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Dandelion turned white in elevator light

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    Today I was outside to get some grass for my rabbit. I took some yellow dandelions too, but as I entered the elevator I noticed a strange phenomenon. The elevators light was yellow (the typical light bulb) and when I looked at the flower of the dandelion it was yellow as you would exect it to be, but when I turned it / looked at it from an angle, it appeared to be white as a snow.

    Whats causing this?
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    Huh? I thought this is going to be an easy question which is going to take couple of minutes to answer :X
    Anyone able to answer my question please?
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    Something looks yellow if, out of all the colors in white light (sunlight) it reflects mostly yellow. If you take it into a room (elevator) where the light is mostly yellow to begin with, you will see no difference between it and a "white" background and it will look white.
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    Cheers! Thank you.
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