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Dark matter & dark energy Q's

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    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for this thread...

    My overall question is:

    What specifics, if any, do we know about the "dark" stuff - ie dark energy and dark matter?


    Do we know anything about what the darkstuffs are made of (either experimentally or through well-reasoned theories)??

    Are the terms "energy" and "matter" related in any way to the energy and matter that we experience - or are they simply arbitrary descriptors?

    How do we know that dark energy and dark matter are two separate entities - and furthermore, is their "darkness" necessarily the same: as in dark energy and dark matter occupy the same dark dimension?

    Does either darkstuff have any relation to black holes, which I presume are dark in their own way??

    Thanks in advance!!


    PS - Props to those in charge: I really dig these forums!
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