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Date is september the 12th 2001

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    The date is september the 12th 2001 and you are on a flying from (lets just say Iran) to Washington. All of a sudden you decide that you want to stretch your legs and go check on the pilot, so you start to walk to the front of the airplane. When you try to open the cockpit door someone shouts "STOP, ARMED POLICE!" Upon hearing this you burst through the door in pannick falling as you do.

    Would you be surprised if you got shot in the back of the head?
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    If it was even a normal day I wouldn't dream of just strolling up to the cockpit on a commercial airline, let alone on sept 12- so no I wouldn't be astonished if I got shot.
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    An interesting parallel Andy.

    The more I think about this, the more I see similarities.
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    Whoa, what a coincidence
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    Andy <shakes head>

    I believe commercial flights coming into the US were canceled on 9-12.

    Either way, point made.
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