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David vs Goliath - Business

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    TerraCycle sued by Scotts Miracle-Gro
    TerraCycle's test data are considered proprietary. If Rutger's U did an independent test, that should be good enough. Both parties can have an independent arbitor do an independent test.

    I just don't see that the two products packaging looks alike.
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    They are using as an excuse to wipe out the eco-friendly competition because they know people will naturally go for the 'good for the environment' brands since everyones all hyped up over the environment now
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Good for TerraCycle! They must be making a difference if Scotts is worried.
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    Very possible. Even without much of a case, they could be hoping that just the legal costs alone will put the small company out of business before they ever have a chance to become bigger competition.
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    I can see the TerraCycle bottle getting confused for Lipton's Ice Tea, but certainly not the other bottle in that picture. :rolleyes:
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    I know Miracle Gro works & I will continue to use it, but the lawsuit is ridiculous.
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