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DC Battery Bank for Sup. Power

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    Hello everyone and thank you for having me on the forum.

    I have a bit of a unique situation in which our very small machine shop is limited to one 20 amp breaker, and we have outgrown it. It is impossible to run more power to the building due to its remote location from any drop source. Running more power from the original source would also be very difficult due to obstructions that have come after the original line was laid.
    We have been wondering if it would be possible to build a bank of 12V deep cell batteries run through an inverter then to a breaker box and then to outlets. The batteries could then be charged at night after closing time.
    Is this something that would be feasible in relation to affordability and ease of construction, maintenance, etc.?

    I apologize for not having anything to offer to the forum at this point, but maybe I will after I figure out this issue.

    Thank you all for the help.

    Take care,

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    Has the utility or electrician flat out said, "We will not upgrade"? You can usually run conduit with an appropriate feed. May not be pretty, but it'll usually be up to code, can handle the appropriately-sized conductors and sufficiently protects the wiring.

    I'm pretty surprised you can run any sort of shop on a single 20A circuit (dual phase?) I'd imagine you'd blow it pretty easily with the lights on and just running something like a chop saw.

    EDIT: Depending on what your incoming service is, you might need to upgrade that, too! (e.g. from 100A to 200 or 300A)
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    Theoretically it is possible, but it is not economic solution, using of one mini generator is more economic and applicable.


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