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Dc signal generator to several motors

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    Hey guys, I got this problem. I have 9 fans motors in which i need to send a range of dc signal of 0-10 volts to each one. I had decided to buy a simple signal generator that can do the trick but soon realized that having one signal generator hook up to 9 motors at the same time will not be very accurate.

    How do I go around to correcting this without buying 9 different signal generators.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I think you mean "DC Power Supply", not "AC Signal Generator", right?

    Exactly what voltage(s) do the motors run on? You usually do not vary the voltage on a motor. If you want speed control, you use PWM at a particular voltage.

    What voltage do you want to run each fan motor at? If it is several different voltages, you could just have a single DC power supply and use separate DC-DC converters to drive each fan...
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