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Debunking A Cult's Version of History on the Quantum Level

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    Hi everyone. I'm new here and I need some help.

    On youtube, there is a cult known as Desteni which is spreading wild stories about the past. At first their claims are quite laughable. However many people are joining this group and taking them seriously. The Cult Education Forum has started this thread on them:

    http://forum.rickross.com/read.php?12,62042,page=1" [Broken]

    I've been working with others to try and debunk some if not all of their claims. The cult's story concerning history goes in summary as follows:

    A long time ago there were various races living in the galaxy and universe. One race known as the Annunaki needed gold (for some reason) to survive. However, they exhausted all of this material from the universe. Then Anu (leader of the Annunaki) went to this other race called the Atlanteans. Somehow the Atlanteans could artificially produce gold at the center of the Earth. However, Anu did not want his race to have to extract the gold themselves. So he designed human bodies from the cell level up. He then trapped the Atlantean's souls or spirits in the human bodies. Anu made the human bodies specifically to mine gold from the earth. Anu then created another dimension where souls of the deceased humans/Atlanteans would go after death before returning through reincarnation. Anu preprogrammed all of our thoughts and emotions in order to trap us here in the prisons of our minds. The Desteni cult claims that it offers the method to free one from this entrapment which occured millions of years in the past.

    I tried debunking these wild stories through using reason and objectivity. I tried to show how HgMn stars reveal that gold still exists in other regions of the universe. I argued that humans are pitiful machines if our sole purpose was to mine gold. I argued against the crazy idea that this Anu created reincarnation and other dimensions. My full critique of their insane story can be found here:


    Alas, when I revealed these thing to one of their more polite members of this cult, his response was as follows:

    I understand that many here will laugh at what these people are claiming but please bear with me as this group is drawing in many disillusioned young people. I'm not an expert in quantum physics or even the Many Worlds Theory. My question is this: Is any of the above story even remotely possible on some quantum or alternative universe level?

    Thank you for any assistance that can be provided in this matter.
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    Few if any of the claims are either provable or disprovable. There is nothing to debunk. That's the whole point of a cult!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Sorry, we don't address crackpot theories.
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