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A Brief History of Time question

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    "Today scientists describe the universe in terms of two basic partial theories - the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics... The general theory of relativity describes the force of gravity and the large-scale structure of the universe, that is, the structure on scales from only a few miles to as large as a million million million million (1 with twenty-four zeros after it) miles, the size of the observable universe. Quantum mechanics, on the other hands, deals with phenomena on extremely small scales, such as a millionth of a millionth of an inch. Unfortunately, however, these two theories are known to be inconsistent with each other - they cannot both be correct."

    Is it possible that both theories are correct because the Theory of Relativity must be understood as dealing specifically with matter/mass/gravity; while the Theory of Quantum Mechanics should be recognized as being a Truth regarding primordial, atomic consciousness.

    One must realize the inherent truth, that all matter has consciousness. This is realized and proved by the realization that atomically protons, electons and neutrons are vibrating/moving/orbiting around a nucleus. (This fundamental fact is amazing when it is considered that the microcosmos [atom] is the same in form and function as the macrocosmos [universe] and the Cosmos of Pure Universes, is so vast that it cannot even be imagined.) Just as it is impossible to know how many atoms compose a human being, it is impossible to know or understand how many Universes there are in existence in the Cosmos. But each, atom, molecule, is inherent evolving consciousness. On the atomic level, the force which creates motion within the atom, "IS" the consciousness I refer to. It is one and the same. Just as consciousness is apparent in the animal/human world by the facility of locomotion and movement, these unevolved atoms possess (or are possessed by) the most Primordial Consciousness, which generates movement within. Just as the orbits of the Macrocosmos revolve around the Sun, with intelligence, the orbits of the microcosmos do the same thing.

    These truths have been revealed to man through the great Hindu sages, Upanishads, and Vedas. These truths are being revealed to man to finally reconcile two wonderful realities. The realities of science, in it's desire for truth based upon experience, reason, logic, and scientific and methodological studies; and the reality of God, that primordial consciousness which gives everything that is its inherent movement, being, growth, and evolution.
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    Tom Mattson

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    No, it isn't. Any two statements that contradict each other, cannot both be true.

    Let's get this straight right now: No one has ever demonstrated any connection between Quantum Mechanics and consciousness, even in principle. That is pure quackery that, regrettably, is propagated via pop science books. It really has got to stop.

    The rest of your post is pure religious speculation, which we do not host here at Physics Forums.

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