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Degeneracy Parameter A

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    When calculating whether Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein, or Fermi Dirac should be used there is an equation for Degeneracy Parameter A which can be initially used.

    Degeneracy Parameter A = (N/V) (h^2 / 2 TT m k T)^(3/2)

    What is represented by N and V and k?

    Is N the Number Density, V Volume and k Boltzmann constant?

    Thank you.
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    N is the total number of particles, so N/V is the number density. k is Boltzmann constant, h Plank constant ,m mass of the particles and T is temperature. I suppose "TT" should be a π (note the "Quick Symbols" on the right when writing a post).
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    Thanks very DrDu for clarifying that.

    By TT I actually meant Pi. I notice now that ∏ is in the quick symbols.

    Thanks again
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