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Homework Help: Derive schrodinger equ. from

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    Pls derive the time-independent schrodinger equ from the time-dependent equ.?
    Anyone has any sugestiond on how to approach this?
    [tex]-\frac {\hbar^2} {2m} \frac {\partial^2 \psi(x,t)} {\partial (x)^2} + U\psi(x,t) =i\hbar\frac{\partial\psi(x,t)}{\partial (t)}[/tex]
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    Consider that a wavefunction Psi (big-Psi) can be written as a product of the position-dependent term psi (little-psi) and the time dependent term e^(-iEt/h-bar)

    Plug this form into the time-dependent schodinger and then you can solve for time-independence (with the constant time-dependent term)
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