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Design of a wind turbine kit for a car!

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    I’m a 4th year student at mechanical engineering. I have been asked to design a kit that can be installed in a car/vehicle which can be used to recharge the car's battery or connected to some of the car's/vehicle's component to power them. Where and how do I start?
    Does anyone have a books/articles which can be supportive at completing my project?

    As a start, I considered the following questions:
    What is the amount of energy can be produced by wind turbines?
    What car/vehicle components can be synchronized with such kit?
    Which is better to be used for this project? Vertical or horizontal wind turbine?
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    By the 4th year of an engineering degree, you should really be having a stab at these answers yourself. Do some bloody work, your 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of a mech eng degree should have taught you that (and how to conduct independent research and basic energy calculations yourself).

    If you have specific technical questions which you need help with, you'll get all the help you need here. You won't get any marks for choosing a vertical design "because some guy on Physicsforums told me it was better".
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    A "kit" that recharges the car's battery already exists: the alternator. It takes power directly from the engine and turns it into electricity.

    A wind turbine takes power from the wind, which is powered by the moving car, which is powered by the wheels, which are powered by the gearbox, which is powered by the engine.

    Not only would a wind turbine be redundant, but also terribly inefficient considering the alternative (which is already installed).

    Why a wind turbine?
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    You could always deploy the turbine only when parked... might need a good sized mast to get it up into the wind. Of course, it wouldn't work in a garage. :biggrin:
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