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  1. N

    How to transmit a signal (530 - 550 Khz) to a point

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to electromagnetism and have no experiences in this topic. I have a signal generator (Digital Dual Channel Funktion Signal Generator) and want to generate two signals (530 and 550 Khz signal) and want to transmit these generated signals to the points on a table...
  2. M

    Radiofrequency communication through tissue

    Hello, I am a Biologist currently working on a Biocommunication related project. To explain the project, I am going to use a Piezo sensor attached to the bone and it can detect bone cracks using EMI. I would first energize Piezo sensor with certain frquencies and it generates Ultrasonic waves...
  3. T

    How Do Microwave transmitters work without physical connections?

    So I recently picked up 40 of 10.525 GHz Microwave RADAR transmitters: I opened up one out of curiosity and had something like this (image attached) . I noticed some parts of the PCB aren't even connected to anything. How do the different shapes and sizes of the PCB interact with each-other...
  4. C

    Find the maximum amplitude of the induced EMF

    Homework Statement [/B] A radio transmitter radiates isotropically at the frequency of 90.8 MHz. The peak magnetic field at a receiver, 9km from the transmitter, is ##9x10^{-10}T##. Calculate the maximum amplitude of the induced emf in a 12 turn coil with area A = ##90cm^{2}## at the receiver...
  5. OldWorldBlues

    Basics of radio for a focused transmitter

    Hi there! I'm looking to create a small (max 20 foot range) radio transmitter, to direct a focused radio beam at a receiver, for the purpose of remote switching. Ideally, I would like the device to work at a relatively "exotic" frequency, as I would think there is a lot of radio noise where I...
  6. V

    Safety concerning ERP of transmitter

    I'm curious to figure out if I'm operating a transmitter with safety compliance regarding its HERP (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel). Put simply, the transmitter has a low and high output capability of 2w and 10w. The antenna it operates on has an 11db gain. Radiating around...
  7. N

    Transmit/Receive analog signals

    I'm completely new to transmitting/receiving signals, but I wanted to get a scope of what kind of components are out there that I could use to build this system. I wanted to read the voltage drop across a resistance thermometer (Vt) and send this signal wirelessly to another circuit, where I...
  8. maearnie

    Microwave transmitter question

    Can someone enumerate the equipment needed in a microwave transmitter control room? i already searched the net and i somehow don’t understand anything haha. also can you please explain what each equipment does? thank you :)
  9. Tesladude

    ASK transmitters in parallel

    I have built a remote control car, pwm speed controll and all, using picaxe microcontrollers and gained a lot of experience doing it. I used a low power i think 20mw transmitter you can find all over ebay that uses a 433hz carrier wave. A long time ago i found a 1w transmitter meant to be a step...
  10. T

    Relationship between an EM wave and its current

    Given the following: A directional radio wave transmitting antenna which creates a beam (diameter in mm), a current in volts, and a frequency (Hz), is it possible to calculate the em wave voltage (v/m or w/m2) immediately next to the antenna? and then at a distance of 10meters? What...
  11. U

    What's different between a receiver & transmitter antennas?

    Hello, I'm currently working on satellite model for high-school compatition, and i'm not sure if there's a visual differance between a reciver & transmiter antenas (on satellites)... Also, is it possible to satellite to recive a radio wave information from another satellite Thank you
  12. G

    Molecules With Radio Emission Under Current

    I am working on a project, however I am having trouble finding the right material for it to work. I am looking for a nano-material or any molecule that will emit a radio frequency when subjected to a voltage or a current at around 37 degrees Celsius. I would really appreciate it if someone could...