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DFB Laser

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    I want to consider my research work on DFB laser as Sensor applicstions.
    I need to write a Research proposal on this topics. DFB Laser/DFB Fiber Laser as sensor for Hydrophone, Accelerometer, Seismic operation, Aerodynamics sensor, Flow control, Humidity Control, Temperature control, Pressure control...e.t.c

    Can anyone help me to write a proposal. Please give me Any kind of idea or suggestion, Which line should i go.

    Thanks in advance..
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Maybe you could educate us some first on distributed feedback lasers:


    When are they used, and what are their advantages/disadvantages? We won't write your proposal for you, but if you show some effort, maybe we can offer some suggestions.
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    Thanks for your reply...

    I studied a lot about this topics. There is two field i want to go.
    1. Improve vibration and strain sensitivity of DFB-Fl based Accelerometer sensor array.
    2.Improve Efficiency of DFB-FL base hydrophone sensor array.

    so, the fact is that how can i improve MZI optimization to increase efficiency of Hydrophone sensor array. another thing is how can i reduce RIN and increase relaxation oscillation as noise doesnt increase..
    Thanks for your consideration.
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