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Medical Dialysis diet

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    I know an old man who has to start dialysis. My girlfriend is going to be taking care of him. What are some guidelines as far as diet is concerned. She's really looking for a list of specific foods she can or can not give him.
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    it looks like the diet for someone on dialysis is the exact opposite of what I thought of as a healthy diet. eat lots of eggs and meat. stay away from bran.
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    Okay, I guess I misunderstood what she needed. She has a list of foods he can and can't eat. Is there a place where I can input the ingredients and get recipies?
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    The old gent's doctor should have given him some dietary guidelines and should also have had him consult with a dietitian. Depending on his weight and pre-existing conditions, such as high blood pressure, there may be lots of little tweaks to make. Since his kidneys have stopped working, lots of stuff can build up in his blood between dialysis sessions, and some of the build-up can be toxic or fatal.

    If you Google on "dialysis diet" you will get LOTS of hits, including collections of recipes, but your GF should be aware that she'll need the guidance of a dietitian to tailor those recipes to the needs of the patient.
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    yeah, she's got the list from the physician. I guess she's just looking for ways to make meals out of the ingredients
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