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I Difference Between d3x and triple Integral

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    So My Question Is Simple, But It confuse me too much!
    What Is Difference between the notation ∫d3x and ∫∫∫dxdydz ?
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    Dr Transport

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    Have you seen the first form somewhere? The more usual form for a triple integral like this would be ##\int_D dV##, where D is some three-dimensional region. As an iterated integral, it might be written in a form such as ##\int_e^f~\int_c^d~\int_a^b dx~dy~dz##.
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    I completely agree.
    ##\int\, d^3x = \int \int \int \, dx_1 \, dx_2 \, dx_3##
    Likewise, an N dimensional integral can be denoted ##\int \, d^Nx##.

    I often use this notation myself to remind me how many dimensions I am working in. I picked up the habit from my graduate advisor who used this notation exclusively as far as I can recall.

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