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Difference between F=qE and F=q(V*B)

  1. Mar 10, 2010 #1
    what is the difference between these two forces ?

    F=qE and F=q(V*B)
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    The former is the expression for the electric force acting on an object of charge q placed in an electric field of field strength E, while the latter is the expression for the magnetic force acting on an object possessing charge q moving with velocity v in the region of a magnetic field with field strength B.
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    The first is just a vector relation for a charge in an electric field. The second is the Lorentz force on a moving charged particle in a magnetic field. The latter equation is a vector cross product, meaning that F is perpendicular to both the velocity vector and the magnetic field vector.

    Bob S
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    thanks alot..tomorrow is my exam and i wanted to study about these forces and their differences :)
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