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Homework Help: Diode Clamper (Clippers) with Capacitors

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    Hey all, I have a diode clamper (1 diode) and I had to use a capacitor in lab to smooth out the output (the input was a triangle wave - without the capacitor the output was still a bit triangular at the tips). This is just curiosity - can anyone explain to me how the capacitor managed to smooth out the output wave (the tops of the output wave were flat). I need to figure out how to post pictures on here :P
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    Here's an image.

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    If you've taken signal processing, the capacitor acts as a low-pass filter, filtering out the higher frequencies and thus reducing the "sharpness" of the triangle wave.

    If you haven't, then remember that the voltage in a capacitor can't change instantaneously, and acts as a voltage "buffer", and smoothing out input waveforms.
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