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Diode in a great forward bias

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    What would happen if forward bias in a P-N junction were more than built-in potential? Could we reach to this situation practically?
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    what do you think, and why?
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    I think in this situation, diffusion and drift currents would strengthen each other and a very large current would pass through the diode and therefore it would be an ideal situation. Could you please guide me if I am wrong?
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    What do you think would happen if the drift current magnitude got so strong that a charge carrier could collide with a lattice atom and knock another charge carrier out?
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    I think an electric field would be made in the opposite direction of the equilibrium electric field, so that we have both drift and diffusion in the same direction strengthening each other, and due to collision with bound electrons in the new depletion region,new carriers would be made and drifted. therefore a very large current would be made. Could you please guide me.
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