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Diodes and electromagnetic emmission Help?

  1. Aug 20, 2014 #1
    How would one go about figuring out what to dope a diodes pn junction with in order to create a desired electromagnetic wavelength ?
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    You don't. My solid state professor told me that no one ever came up with an accurate model for this. He did his grad work on LED's.

    What the industry did is to have grad students cook up thousands of batches with different dopants and concentrations. They then measured the spectrum of the resulting LED's and stored the data in tables. Somewhere there must be a book filled with tables for LED colors.


    You can get close to the color you want by selecting a dopant which creates an ion center at a specific energy level but there is no formula for getting an exact color.

    My information may be out of date though. I took solid state physics about 10 years ago.
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    Hey, I found a nice pdf on LED's with some basic tables for LED colors. The color largely depends on the LED substrate material itself.

    Check it out here
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    @Okefenokee Great thank you, exactly what i was looking for
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