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Dipole moment of small circular antenna - only magnetic?

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    When making an extension from linear dipole antennas to small circular antennas, I am only coming across expressions for a magnetic dipole moment (as opposed to having just an electric dipole moment for a linear dipole antenna). The expression being:
    m = πr2I at its peak

    The above expression makes perfect sense and is not the problem, rather why only mention a magnetic dipole moment (M1) and no electric dipole moment (E1). Shouldn't it have one also? Or does its azimuthal symmetry (φ dependence) cancel out the effect, leaving only a magnetic dipole moment?

    Thanks in advance. I would appreciate any insights!
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    Okay, the more I am really looking at this, I realize that yes, the current is azimuthally symmetric. Sorry to answer my own question!
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