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Dipole momentum of the electrons

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    We know that same charges repel and opposite attract them selfs. So if the electrons have dipole magnetic momentum, how will they repel, if they get closer with their opposite poles of the dipoles? Thank you.
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    Meir Achuz

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    In Classical EM, the Coulomb force between two electrons is repulsive and F_c~1/r^2.
    The magnetic dipole-dipole force can be repulsive or attractive,depending on their orientation, and F_m~1/r^4. This means that at close enough distances
    (less than about 10^-10 cm) the magnetic attraction could be larger.
    However, at such a short distance, quantum mechanics has to be used.
    It is true that at very high energies, where the electrons can come close together, the magnetic force dominates over the electric force.
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