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Dipole - the calc. seems a bit illogical though correct

  1. Apr 15, 2013 #1
    I was reading the calculation for calculating the electric field due to a dipole at any point P at a distance x from the center of the dipole.

    the way they have written the calc. seems a bit illogical

    they have broken p into two components pcosθ and psinθ and applied E = kp/r3


    E = Ex + Ey = (kpcosθ)/r3i + (kpsinθ)/r3j

    but that would give the net field along some other direction..

    it should rather only be

    E = Ex = (kpcosθ)/r3

    If someone can explain..!!
    Thanks in advance
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    Why? The electric field has both an x- and a y-component.
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    i got it cleared at last... actually there was a different problem i faced.. but could not express it here...
    btw.. i got it cleared by looking carefully..
    they have done the right thing.. for first one it lies on the axial line and for second component it lies on equitorial plane.. i could not focus on this thing... thanks a lot.. !!
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