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Dirac ket-bra simplification over here.

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    I usually know how to manipulate bras and kets. But I probably found difficulty because of the double summation. How did Sakurai manage to go from the second line to the ird line in the attachment?

    SECTION 4.4 in Sakurai.

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    Using the orthogonality condition
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    Along with UU = I.
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    How come? If so I will end up with a zero, no?
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    I was thinking about taking duality but that didn't seem to work.
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    No. What is [itex]\langle a''|a' \rangle[/itex] equal to and what does this imply for [itex] \Sigma_{a''} \langle a''|a' \rangle[/itex]?
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    It is equal to 1 if a=a'' and 0 otherwise if we take orthogonality into consideration.. It implies that the summation = 1 when a'' = a' and 0 for all the other summations. Right?
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    Yes. If you put Bill's comment and this together, do you still miss something to go from line two to line three?
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