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B Direction of the induced electric field?

  1. Jun 6, 2016 #1
    If a time varying magnetic field exists in vertically downwards direction in a region A, an electric field is induced in the direction perpendicular to it i.e. in horizontal plane. How to find the direction of the E field in the horizontal plane?What factors decide the direction of the E field?

    Once in a book I read that the E field lines form closed loops. If that is true practically then what factors decide the center of the closed loop? Or is the E field induced is just randomly directed?
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    Do you know Faraday's law? It says that ##\int{\vec{E}.d\vec{l}}## = -##\frac{∂Φ}{∂t}## where Φ is the magnetic flux. So the direction of the induced electric field is dependent on the sign of the change in magnetic flux.
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