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Disc golf *reprise*

  1. Jan 24, 2005 #1
    I started a topic about disc golf many years ago in one of the first physicsforums incarnations. I think it was actually pf 1.0. Greg, how long has physics forums been alive?
    Anyway, i play a lot of disc golf. I live at high altitude specifically for training purposes. I'm hoping to go pro at the mid summer point. Does anyone here play? Have you or your friends ever been beaned by one of my bad tosses? if so please accept my apology. May you have 14 children!!!
    I think the thin air is getting to me.
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    :rolleyes: yup, this was the right forum!!!!
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    You sure it isn't the smoke that is getting to you... you do play disc golf... :biggrin:
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    i play gold gold, golf disc... gold


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    ps, i just think i need to be under your watchful eye...
    yeah, thats it.
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    So, if I don't accept your apology, does that mean I'm spared from having 14 children? I already have one tribdog to chase after, and I'm really not sure I'm up to a whole litter of kids too.

    It is the funniest sport I've ever watched played...once I figured out all those strange looking trash cans around the campus were actually disc golf "holes." :rofl: The disc golfers get a bit touchy too if you cheerfully throw their "frisbee" back to them when it lands in front of you. :biggrin:
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    lol, yes, disc golfers are a bunch of incorrigables (did i speel that right?)
    You just have to get to know one, find their weakness... then blackmail them. You won't get any cash because... well, we're all broke. But what you will get is... um, i forgot.
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    i think this might get more exposure in GD...it's on my agenda to learn discgolf, right after the oregon rains disappear...and what's this about discgolfers and smoke??? i am confused. o:) :cool: :tongue:
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    I play disc golf. I wouldn't say I had any intentions to turn pro, though. In fact, I've only played one course (it happens to be a couple blocks from my house).

    It's a great experience at around 6 or 7 in the morning (in the summer, anyway) -- much more interesting than just a morning walk. Lot's of trees to work around, plus a creek that lies at the bottom of a 20 foot deep, 100 foot wide ravine. Occasionally, we even have enough rain to provide a water hazard for one of the holes.

    You haven't seen true beauty until you've watched a disc float gently across the creek in the morning sunlight - of course, since all of the holes are on same side of the creek, that also means your disc broke right instead of left and you're going to go wading to retrieve your disc, but water sports are fun, too. :biggrin:
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