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Disconnector Operating Mechanism

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    Information : CS11G Manual operation or CJ6B motor operated , for GW4F-145 type dis-connectors,

    Hi Friends,

    i am very confused, about dis connectors , if these are Off Line operated then what is the use of Motor operated ?

    2nd , if motor operated mechanism is installed then controls of that are in control room in control panel or in switch yard, ?

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    A disconnect is just a switch that should open/close only when the current is zero. Contrast that with a circuit breaker type of switch which can open when current is flowing.

    Both types of switch can be locally operated or remotely operated using a motor actuator.

    Does that answer your question?
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    what you mean by remotely operated, i mean the control panel is situated in the control room right ?, 2nd what about the ON-Load operation of dis connector what is the difference between ON Load or NO Load ?
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    If there is a remote operator, it could be anywhere, yard or control room.

    A disconnect switch is meant to be operated only
    1. If the switch is closed, and if there zero load current, then it can open.
    2. If the switch is open, and if no load is attached, then it can close.
    The video below shows the bad things that can happen if you open a disconnect while load current is flowing.

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    If you know Chinese you may read this:


    However, as anorlunda already said, it is an usual disconnector of 145 kV 2000 A rated.

    You have at first to open the circuit breaker and after then to close or open it. It will support 145 kV between contacts if it is open. contacts if it is open. You have to lock the disconnector if the circuit breaker is close and unlock if it is open.

    In the position of open breaker you may close or open the disconnector by means of a motor if you have a voltage source, but you can act it manually-if the electric source is missing.
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