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Discover reports ArXiv dispute

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    Discover magazine online reports the discussion of how much you have to publish in order for your blog to be considered part of scholarly discourse and accorded arxiv trackbacks.

    Discover sampled threads from three websites discussing the issues.
    They included for example this statement by Lee Smolin on "Cosmic Variance"
    Lee Smolin [Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics], posted March 4 6:57 pm

    Hi, it seems to me that this is not an issue of personal judgment, as there are principles and ethics in professional academic life that are expressed in policies that those employed by universities are governed by...

    If academic freedom means anything, it must mean that the university must do nothing to impede free discussion by professionally competent experts on scientific controversies. Given that Peter Woit is a Physics Ph.D. and a faculty member at a major university, who has published papers and has a book in press on the topic, he is without doubt part of the academic community to which the principles of academic freedom apply.

    Peter referred to the trackback discussion as a "food-fight" and linked to the Discover article.
    See the latest update here:
    Smolin's comment seems dignified enough, but some of the rest of the discussion does resemble a food-fight.
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    Not sure if this is part of the "food-fight", but have you read this?


    There's some really damaging critique of String Theory in here. I don't quite know the background of the author (if he's a quack, I'll delete this post).

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    that is Bert Schroer's paper.
    he is definitely not a quack
    his papers go back to around 1961
    he was long-time physics faculty at Uni Berlin
    now emeritus
    he could certainly be wrong, but he is a respected
    theoretical physicist (specialty algebraic QFT)

    more here:

    Woit has a blog post about Schroer's paper(s)
    and there is some discussion there by people with more
    knowledge of him.
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