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Distance between equilibrium and nonequilibrium states

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    Recently, the properties of nonequilibrium many-body quantum systems have aroused great curiosity of physicists. Numerous papers have been published about this area. But how do we measure how far the system is from equilibrium states?

    There are several proposals have been published, for example, using the heat which has been negated or using diagonal entropy. I am wondering whether using diagonal entropy to measure nonequilibrium has some flaws.

    In thermodynamics, is there a measure to describe the distance between equilibrium and nonequilibrium?

    Thanks so much!!
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    Thanks for your response. After carefully viewing this paper, I found the hypothesis in this paper is interesting. Thanks again.
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    :-) Good papers. Do you think the term equilibrium for a quantum system is weird? In Rigol's paper, PRL, 98, 050405, the measure for a quantum system to reach equilibrium is whether the momentum distribution becomes averaged.
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