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Do Freshman Grades Really Matter?

  1. Dec 14, 2012 #1
    So I got As Bs Cs in my freshman courses. Pretty bad compared to how I did in school, but I got carried away with all the college stuff. So far I've only taken intro courses, and the real physics starts next term. So every intro course I did bad on I have a chance to do good on the advanced level courses. Now, say I get straight A's from now on, untill I graduate (so a 2 and half school years later). Would that truly stand out? And what more can I do to get into a really good grad school? I'm willing to make sacrifices, I've been studying a lot these past months and know what needs to be done. Any advice?
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    How would you know this? After all, all we have right now is that you are not doing very well in basic, fundamental subject matter that subsequent courses build upon.

    Why don't we wait until you actually can produce these straight A's in a semester first before we explore such a scenario.

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