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Do i have a shot a graduate program in electrical engineering?

  1. Dec 26, 2011 #1
    Hi, i am currently studying Industrial engineering in Peru, i will graduate in 2 months. (i will get the equivalent of a BS in industrial engineer) All my life i have been into technology, computers, math, science, etc. Anyways i was wondering if i have a chance of getting into an electrical engineering master program in the US.
    i have an equivalent of a 4.0 GPA, and my parents can support my financially with no problem. Those are the only things i have going for me.

    Do i have a chance?
    i don't care if i have to take 2 years of courses to get up date.

    what if i go for a second undergraduate in electrical engineer, would that be a good idea? i am 22
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  3. Dec 26, 2011 #2
    (Emphasis mine)

    That's all you have going for you? Hahaha! What more do you want? (By the way, you also speak English.)

    The fact that you don't need to worry about funding is a big plus in your favor. That will make things a lot easier for you. In addition to the GRE, you'll probably need to take IELTS or something like that to prove English proficiency. You should start looking for schools with programs/groups/people that you are interested in. Find out the specific requirements for those schools and go from there.

    From the information you posted, you seem to have an above average chance of acceptance over other international students. I'm still in undergrad and haven't had to do the whole grad school admission thing yet, so don't take this as gospel. Once you start looking at schools, you'll have a better idea where you stand.

    Good luck!
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