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Do I need a police clearance certificate?

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    I was born in California, lived there for I don't know how many years, then shifted to another country with my parents because of my dad's job, and our financial situation. i am a US citizen.
    Anyhow, I'm coming back after a while. I think it's been 12 years since I left USA.
    Now, once of my teachers at high school told me that i should take a police clearance certificate and an x-ray of my chest if I want a job there.
    After searching on google a bit, I think police clearance certificates are for immigrants only.
    Is this true, did my teacher mistake me for a non-us citizen?

    Also, do I need to get a medical certificate? any vaccinations? what does the medical certificate have to say?

    Thanks a lot,

    need lots of help!!

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    If you are a US citizen, you shouldn't need anything. You are just a US citizen living abroad and returning doesn't require anything other than your US Passport.
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    It could mean that they want a Police Clearance Certificate from the country that you have been in the last 12 years to assure themselves that you do not have a criminal record overseas.

    The x-ray would likely be to be sure that you do not have TB. I suspect that what they really want is a medical clearance, that a thorough check up and a letter from your doctor might suffice. He may want an x-ray in any event.
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    He's a US citizen. He's entering his OWN country.
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    I understand. I wasn't referring to re-entry requirements for US citizens.

    It didn't strike me that this was his question. I was referring to potential requirements for employment.
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    OK, that's great.
    Thanks a lot people.
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    As for vaccinations, you probably already had to update those to enroll in school, just as every other student has to do to enroll in school. If you somehow managed to slip through the cracks on that, you should make sure you're up to date on everything you should be, especially if you plan to go on to university here too (you'll need them to enroll there). If you don't have records of all your vaccinations, they can do a blood test to check your antibody titers to document that you've been immunized, or get revaccinated.

    I had never even heard of a police clearance certificate before, so no, citizens don't need that (maybe if you apply to some job that requires special security clearance...I'm not sure what documentation goes into that besides having federal agents show up at the homes of friends and family to ask about you, but it's unlikely you're doing that straight out of high school anyway).
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    I think that the Pion is right. When I look up 'police clearance certificate' it always refers to getting these certificates from the country you have been in. In this case you would need to contact the consulate of the country you were in or, if one does not exist in the US, contact some agency from the particular country.
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