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Do i need conuit for armored cable

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    I am new to consulting business in India and wanted to know that if i use armored cable do i need to run it in conduit.
    I believe the whole reason of using armored cable is to avoid using any conduit.

    thnx for ur help.
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    Any readers here from India and able to answer this? I'm sure it would be better to rely on a government source in India, since you are dealing with local safety regulations.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    As NascentOxygen says, it depends on the application and on your local regulations. Especially if you are new to consulting, you probably should be looking to your local resources for answers like this, and not asking on a web forum...
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    My first thought would be do we run conduit inside of conduit? But you really need to be asking somewhere else, specifically in Inida. Good luck to you.
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    In USA, China and Chile, armored cable is obviously run on cable ladder and the like.

    Single conductors are used in conduits.

    India I would expect the same....but better check your local code book.
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    I've designed conduit runs between building and then pulled http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct-buried_cable" [Broken] through them. It made the installation much easier; as you can put a lot more pulling force on them.
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