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Do photons have mass?

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    Do photons have mass or are they only energy?
    And is it possible to convert energy to mass like mass is converted into energy in a nuclear reaction?
    I read in Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" that CERN has cre8d antimatter, but what exactly is it? Please answer in terms that a noob can understand!
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    Please go to the Special and General Relativity forum and do a search on your topic. This has been addressed and answered numerous times.

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    energy is converted to mass and the other way around via E=mc^2
    antimatter is exactly like matter in every respect but if antimatter and matter meet they will annilate and release gamma ray photons
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    Antimatter particles have opposite charges, but equal masses as their normal-matter counter-parts. The two particles will only annihilate though, if their quantum numbers are equal.
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