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Do you have a bad temper

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    Do you have a bad temper or are you all ways meek and mild?
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    Not meek, but I am usually mild. A few things will get under my skin.
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    I have a sweet, mild disposition and will kill the first person who says I don't.
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    Those are quite different things, to be accused of the former is almost enough to make me lose my temper :devil:

    To answer the question I am pretty much always mild. In my experience getting angry to the point that you lose your temper and act aggressively/confrontationally is pretty much never a way to get things done. Sure it temporarily makes you feel good but has it actually solved anything? Generally no. Will it make things worse in future if the problem is ongoing? Probably yes.
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    Yeah, me too, except I'm likely to torture them first.
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    You don't.
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    I am a "type A" personality and sometimes have a temper. Luckily I have never lost my cool while in a professional capacity. I'm definitely high strung.

    Edit: Writing the above and realizing how much of an understatement it is and how much history of high blood pressure and heart disease in my family there is makes me realize I will almost certainly die young of a heart attack.
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    Now, let's see, where did I put my ka-bar?
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    I am the personification of Ares and will feed cookies to anyone who says otherwise.
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    Well, what kind of cookies are you talking about here?
  12. Aug 20, 2014 #11
    I am gentle until ....
  13. Aug 20, 2014 #12
    So... the second person's safe?
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    Bleh. You are the personification of Ares.
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    Er... well...

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    Perhaps you should try to learn to relax and not get so high strung. Just saying. :smile:
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    jim hardy

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    Who says the two are mutually exclusive?

    I'm a closet type A.
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    That would be like trying to teach a dog not to pee on bushes. Easier said than done.
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    No, not usually. But when I hear something about Tesla, I reach for my railgun.
    More Hulk for the people:

    https://d2nh4f9cbhlobh.cloudfront.net/_uploads/images/hulk-make-love.jpeg [Broken]
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    No one is capable of angering me.
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    Dr Transport

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    I can go from ground level to orbit in a matter of seconds, stay up there for a day or two then come back down.
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