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Do you know where your parents met?

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    a bit of a history thread

    mine met in a nightclub i think.
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    My parents met in an odd matter. My mom got arrested for crossing illegally through Texas from Mexico. A non-profit bailed her out, and the person whose house they would normally let her stay at got foreclosed because the owner lost his job. Anyway, the person who drove my mom from jail needed to find a place immediately and the only number he could remember off the top of his head was my dad. My dad said he didn't mind someone taking his spare bedroom for a short time.

    37 years later he still complains that she hasn't moved out :).
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    That's a fascinating story of how your parents met.

    My parents met in an unusual/unorthodox manner as well. My father had an early interest in Japan (stimulated from a childhood friend who was half-Japanese), and majored in East Asian studies at his alma mater in the US. He then subsequently moved to Japan to teach English to local students and business executives, and met my mother in the apartment building where they both lived at the time (the neighbourhood where they lived in Japan had a large # of expats from the various countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, France, Sri Lanka, etc.).

    The rest, as the saying goes, is history!
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    My mom was underage in a bar :biggrin:
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    jim mcnamara

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    My parents met riding a rollercoaster at Glen Echo Park (now closed). My mom was sitting with two friends, one seat was vacant (4 seater). My dad was next in line. There was a long line of people waiting to get on, so the attendant asked if it was okay if my dad were to sit in, next to my mom.

    Apparently it was more than okay. This was in 1936, so social mores were a little different then than now.
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    I'm told they first met while smelt dipping with mutual friends.
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    Talk about a serendipitous union. The old "pay the carousel operator to sneak you into the empty seat next to the pretty girl trick." I know that one all too well :wink:

    My parents met at the dining commons at one of the dorms at UCLA in 1966, the same year that Jim Morrison and Ray Manzerik were getting high on the on the local beach and talking about swimming to the moon. My dad let out a cheesy wolf whistle and my mom fell for it. Pretty straightforward and unremarkable, but effective. Lucky for you guys, though, from that union the DiracPool spawn was birthed :oldcool:
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    What a nice story! That makes me imagine more than the main information you may only want to tell :nb).
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    You can go ahead and imagine it, I really don't want to know the what the hippies did in the dorm rooms at UCLA in 60's after a nutritious meal at the campus dining commons. Somehow I materialized from that era of debauchery, but I'm not wanting of the details :redface:
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