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Do you use calculator programs for calculus?

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    Do you use calculator programs for calculus?? If so what is good?
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    I used the TI-83+ calculator which already came with some good programs to use. I would also suggest learning how to write your own, it actually makes your life easier. Their is instruction on writing programs in the handbook that came with your calculator.
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    I use Equation Writer for the TI-89. It's not free unfortunately but it allows you to construct complex mathematical structures visually with the whole catalog of functions supported. For example, in this program you can insert "lim(" from the catalog and it will display all of the arguments in the limit expression (the function, the variable, and the target value) as a box, so you don't need to know the syntax of the lim() function as lim(x,y,z)-- instead you can see it visually. Just a fast little program that saves time if you need to type something complex.
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    I've found that it's simple enough to do those things without any Equation Writer, z-comp. If you look in the catalog, it will tell you at the bottom what the arguments of the function are.

    The TI-89's pretty print (built-in) is very helpful when taking integrals and derivatives, as well as the expand(exp) and factor(exp) functions. The TI-83 seems to be limited in its capibility of taking derivatives and integrals.

    As a side-note, make sure you're not relying on your calculator to do all the work! It's good for checking your work though.
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    If I ever use a calculator it's for arithmetic. They are painfully slow and just get in my way with regard to algebra and calculus.
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    Differentiation is a no brainer most of the time. It may be tedious, but it's almost always doable by hand.

    For algebra and integral calculus there are excellent webmathematica based tools :

    Solver : http://www.hostsrv.com/webmab/app1/MSP/quickmath/02/pageGenerate?site=quickmath&s1=equations&s2=solve&s3=basic [Broken]

    Integrator : www.integrals.com
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    I think my calculator batteries ran out in 1994...

    Do they have colour displays these days?
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