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Does a proton signify lack of electrons?

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    I have learnt that by rubbing, electrons are transferred from one object to another, making the gainer negatively charged and the loser positively charged.

    I also know that a proton is positively charged.

    Does it signify that a proton was once an entity that has lost its electrons?
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    Since atoms are made of equal numbers of protons and electrons (and neutrons, but they don't make charge), when the electrons are transfered it leaves an atom with more of one or the other. Protons themselves are particles that have a positive charge, while electrons are particles that have the same amount of charge, only negative.
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    An atom consists of a tiny nucleus where the Protons and Neutrons reside, and a "cloud" of electrons. Electrons are far less massive than protons are and their position as the outside of the atom allows them to easily move around compared to protons. For a proton to move around the entire atom would have to move as well. Hence only electrons are transferred when you rub things together.
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